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Thank yous

Posted by lpearle on 8 May 2013

Yesterday was National Teacher Appreciation Day. Did you thank a teacher?

As the child of two former teachers (one taught young’uns how to read and write, the other taught college level physics and electronics), I’ve always been aware of teachers and their importance in our lives.   However… not every teacher has been great or even memorable.  I barely remember any teacher before sixth grade, and a handful in my last few years of public school.  I do remember almost every teacher I had in prep school and college, but memorable isn’t always the equivalent of inspiring, learned or any of those other things we want our teachers to be.  Some were memorable because they were so bad or uninspiring!

One of the things people ask of those “celebrating” Teacher Appreciation Day is to write to those teachers who did inspire… or help… or elevate you while you were in their class.  Sadly for librarians, students don’t always think of us as teachers – yet I’ve had my share of thank yous, for which I am grateful (favorite former student comment? a girl having a bad day at 15 found me on Facebook years later and apologized, also thanking me for being so fair to her that day!)

But what about those accidental teachers?  The supervisor who “teaches” you how to do your job, or to behave professionally?  The ballet teacher who made you feel graceful at a time when you were all clumsy limbs and feet?  The teaching assistant who helped you revise a paper or essay for the most difficult class you took in school?

Let’s extend the thank yous to anyone, anywhere, who reached out and taught you.  Don’t they deserve to hear those two words, too?


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