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Minor Musings

Books, Reading, Etc. Starting to think about welcome= back-to-school displays and  helping students figure out what to read now?  NYPL has some great YA book recommendations.  (also a great collection development tool re: summer orders and what we forgot to buy!) Oldie but still good: platforms for students to share book thoughts and recommendations. School… Continue reading Minor Musings

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A tale of two divisions

There's a lot of talk about replacing qualified librarians with volunteers or paraprofessional staff.  In part this is due to budget cuts, in part it's due to a lack of understanding about what libraries can and should be, and in part it's just silliness.  Silliness that affects people's lives and livelihoods, but silliness nonetheless.  It's… Continue reading A tale of two divisions

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Teens and eBooks – a #YALSA / #ALA2013 discussion

pace Freud, what do teens want? That's the question that the roundtable I attended considered - and the overall sense was that, as with men vis-a-vis women, we just don't know what teens want when it comes to e-books/e-readers.  We do have a few ideas, however: it's population specific - don't trust national polls, as… Continue reading Teens and eBooks – a #YALSA / #ALA2013 discussion