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What’s on your shelves?

With one exception, the school libraries I've worked in have needed some serious collection pruning; MPOW is no different.  Usually it's the problem of having a lot of stack space and not enough time/staff to really weed what's there.  I'm of the firm belief, however, that pruning and judicious deletions are an absolute necessity! Why? … Continue reading What’s on your shelves?

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Minor Musings

Books, Reading, etc. As part of a major push to create a strong YA section in our library, we're looking at diverse authors/characters and great NF to get us there.  Also loving this list of hybrid books and this list of women in translation. There are adult books that reference children's lit - another To… Continue reading Minor Musings

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What’s your corporate message?

One of my colleagues was talking about corporate messages, the subtle ways in which schools (and corporations, obviously) show what they really believe and value - not always the same thing as what they say they believe and value.  For example, a school that says that it values diversity, but has an all-white faculty.  Or… Continue reading What’s your corporate message?