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My year in reading

Posted by lpearle on 31 December 2016


As you’ve read in previous posts, I’m on the 2017 Alex Award committee.  Any adult book published in 2016 is eligible, and YALSA’s policy is that we (the committee) can’t publicly talk about what we’re reading .  But because I work in a MS/US school library I have to keep up with what’s going on in YA, and because there are genres and topics I’m not thrilled with, I have to have “comfort” reads.  So, being practical, I thought I’d get through about 75 non-Alex books… then perhaps 100 would be ok… and finally, 125 was my challenge goal.  Reader, I surpassed it.  Per Goodreads, here’s what my year looked like:


My “Alex eligible” reading reached 214, for a total of 345 books read in 2016.  Not my best (that was 399) but not bad either.  And while I can’t talk about the Alex books, I can tell you that between non-eligible (books published pre-2016, or those for children and young adults) my requests, committee nominations and personal “I really want to read that, whether or not there’s teen appeal” the genre breakdown was:

  • Biography/Memoir – 26
  • Children’s / Young Adult – 124
  • Fiction / Literature – 76
  • Horror – 7
  • Humor – 7
  • Mystery – 29
  • Non-Fiction – 32
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction – 31
  • Suspense – 13

I’m on the 2018 Alex Award committee, so the same rules will apply.  I’m wondering if I’ll read as many next year, either on my own or for the award.  Stay tuned!


(oh, and if you’re wondering about what happened to the books, many were donated to my school, my friends and a local charity shop – lucky them)


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