Books… so many books…

Thanks to Alex reading, my total last year was 378 Books Read. Of course, I can’t talk about those books until the committee meets in February and decides our Top Ten and Vetted Lists (links are to last year’s, in case you wanted a taste of what I read in adult books in 2016) – and not all of the adult books read in 2017 will appear on those. Still, take my word for it: some very wonderful books were read!

But, those non-adult books, or those adult books published before 2016? Well, those I can talk about! I’ll just point you to my GoodReads reviews, as well as show you the covers of the five star (IMVHO) books read in 2017:

Not too many, admittedly. But if you know me, you know I’m pretty hard to please, book-wise. And there were an additional 42 books that were thisclose to being five stars, which is not bad at all.

On to 2018’s reads!

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