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He cares!

At our last meeting of the academic year, our IT Director told us that he had a new toy: a tool that lets him create phishing messages and then track what we do with that email.  Over the past few days the other librarians got emails that made them go “huh?” and today I got this:

To be honest, I’m disappointed.  Unlike one of my colleagues, I didn’t get the “Inappropriate Instagram content” message.  Or the password check message.  I got one that could be something to do with my health (mental or physical) but I know, really, really know, what those bills look like thanks to my ongoing eye issues.

His reason for doing this is that some are very clever and far too many otherwise smart people click on those links.  Trying to trick people and show them how they were fooled is a great idea: he cares!  It’s just in this case, he didn’t care enough to send me the very best.

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