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You’re important, too

What We Will Be Remembered For When This Moment is Over

Answering, “How are you?” honestly and giving others permission to answer honestly, too.

How we didn’t say yes to every Zoom call, napped, meditated, read fiction, got outside every day, for how we gave ourselves what we needed and could, in turn, give others what they need.

We will be remembered for the ways we showed up for each other with the most honest love we could offer.

As I navigate the needs of work and home, professional meetings and family gatherings, students, teachers, colleagues and friends, these are the things to remember.

One of the big dangers of this time is that we neglect self-care because so many others need us to be on this Zoom meeting or working on that project, helping students with research or finding reading books, etc.  And we librarians are afraid that our work will not be visible to others and so we’re doing even more.  I have a spreadsheet going for me and my staff so that we can track our daily shift’s reference chats and projects, some of that information will go into our year-end report.  The Zoom meetings with AISL librarians give me ideas to add to our Instagram feed or ways to do better outreach.  And I’m still not sure that it’s all effective or helpful.

During the normal day (or week), I feel very comfortable saying that my day is over and reading or otherwise taking care of me.  But during this unusual time?  I feel invisible, sitting here at home working, so obviously my work is invisible, right?  Admit it: you feel the same.

Then I read Lightning Notes and am reminded that if I don’t take care of me, I can’t take care of my staff, students, colleagues and family.  You’re no different.

Take care of you, ok?

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