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Finding my happy place

Week I’mNeverGoingToBeAbleToLeaveMyAparementAgainAmI wasn’t been too bad. There was an AISL Boarding School Librarians chat on Monday, and I’m joining in a Mussar study group in Brooklyn (along with my father and an aunt). The sun is shining and it’s getting warmer – maybe we won’t see snow again until fall?

But then there’s the political and health news, increasingly weird and frightening, and the announcement that Milton would not reopen the campus for the rest of the year.  How will students celebrate their great work this year?  How will we say good-bye to seniors and colleagues, all of us sharing in that bittersweet moment when they depart for the next chapter in their lives?

When I find that I’m spending too much time obsessing about the politics of the moment, the latest pronouncement or set of numbers, I have to stop and go to my happy place.  There are a few such places in my life, like curling up with one of my cats and listening to the purr or reading a book and forgetting where I am.  And then there are a number of Twitter feeds that make me smile – I’m sharing them with you hoping that they also bring a smile into your life, too:

The Cute Plug: @TheCutePlug
Forgotten Bookmarks: @ForgottenBkmrks
Haggard Hawks: @HaggardHawks
Jonathon Owen: @ArrantPedantry
Laurence Brown: @LostInThePondUS
Lynne Murphy: @Lynneguist
Moose Allain: @MooseAllain
The Museum of English Rural Life: @TheMERL
Nat’l Cowboy Museum: @ncwhm
Nathan W. Pyle: @nathanwpyle
Nick Heath: @nickheathsport
Room Rater: @ratemyskyperoom
Shedd Aquarium: @shedd_aquarium
Sherlocution Holmes: @sherlocution

The other thing that’s bringing a smile to my face?  Knowing that it’s Friday.  It may not feel like one, but it is.  Have a good weekend.

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