And now for something new

Like any good blogger, I occasionally check my blog’s statistics and when I see a viewing spike or a lot of interest in a post I’ll poke around to see what’s going on. This week I saw just such a spike.

It turns out that my li’l ol’ blog was part of two people’s homework for a class — assessing different blogs, talking about content, etc. 

First of all: HI!! Welcome!!  

Second (and far more important) was the critique of the blog.  What I read was (I’m paraphrasing) “old, tired layout” and “UGH! ads!”.  To which I say, fair.  I haven’t updated the look of this blog since it started, and I was using the free WP version.  So today, in lieu of anything better to do (ok, I did have better things to do but this is important and it stopped me from snacking as I gobbled up the soon-to-be-published Garth Nix)… TA DA!!

New look, no ads.

And dontcha love the fountain pen and cuppa tea in the photo?  Because I’m all about both, right?  If you need suggestions for where to purchase either, or ink, just let me know.

Ok. Back to my books and my munching… blogging to resume shortly.

2 thoughts on “And now for something new”

  1. HI!! So I don’t want to be too assuming here, but as humbly as possible allow me to introduce myself as one of the people with a blog critique homework assignment this week. 🙂

    The new site looks great! My classmate and I have updated our posts to reflect the changes (and we’re also ASTONISHED that you took note of our reviews…again assuming that there weren’t two other people out there reviewing your awesome blog).

    Thank you for the kind welcome and the gracious reception to our feedback!

    1. Courtney, you were one of the bloggers and I’m humbled you reviewed my content kindly and made me rethink a very old design. All my best to both of you in your studies.


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