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Summertime, and the living is…

anything but easy. (I was going to riff on the Four Questions but I don’t know the Hebrew for “summer” and I don’t feel like asking my Hebrew-speaking family members)

Usually at this time in the academic year I’m done with meetings, finalizing the Big July Book Order and preparing for ALA Annual. Not to mention organizing my personal summer reading. But not this year!

  • This summer, we’re working to get Overdrive/SORA up and running so we can promote reading for pleasure, assuming not every student will be on campus all academic day, every academic day.
  • This summer, we’re working on our subject heading updates and the last parts of our cataloging issues, so that when we can get into the library we can quickly deal with things we had planned to work on in this past spring.
  • This summer, I’m serving on the Hybrid Learning Technology Group committee, thinking about ways we can appropriately meet student and teacher needs, assuming cohorts on campus (while another is off) or times when we all need to Work From Home.
  • This summer, I’m serving on the Annual Feedback and Reappointment committee, looking at ways to make sure that all faculty set goals and are held accountable in some way.
  • This summer, ALA Annual will be a virtual conference (although, since I hate leaving home…).
  • This summer, the library department is working on a bunch of projects:
    • updating our Anti-Racism and Allyship Resource Guide and creating one for the 2020 Election, usually work we’d leave until fall
    • helping with a project exploring the school’s history and founding, looking for elitism, classism and racism (we were founded in 1798 so, yeah, it’s probably all in there)
    • helping a new House Head with the history of the dorm
    • creating Library Newsletters so that students and faculty can stay in touch with us, hearing about new resources and helping create a sense of community
    • revamping our front page on the school’s website and our digital portal
  • This summer, we’re taking online courses in embedded librarianship and hybrid teaching

Last year was a good year – well, as good a year as we could have – and accomplished a lot. This summer may not be an easy one, but it will be productive and useful. And maybe, just maybe, it will help make the fall easier.

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