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Little Changes Exhaust Me

It’s early July and I should be on a vacation of sorts.

At Hackley, I was administration and worked all summer, taking four day weekends. At PCS and Porter’s I chose to either go in occasionally to pick up mail or to work on a project. Both were my choice, and my time was just that: mine. That’s been the case for the first few summers at Milton. Not this year.

This summer, I’m on two committees that are meeting throughout the summer. We have work to do getting ready for a hybrid learning experience for students. There are webinars from the school that need to be attended. And in August there are two asynchronous classes that I’ll be taking to also help with the changes brought on by COVID. Even my time reading and relaxing is being eaten into by all this. My time is no longer as mine as I’m used to.

Traditionally by this point in the summer I feel as though the ties to last year have faded and I’m in some weird between-times place. Let’s be honest, anyone working in a school considers “the year” to be anything between School Opening and Graduation while the time from Graduation to School Opening is free floating. Non-school friends can get quite confused when I say that I’m paying bills or saving something for “next year” (meaning July, after the fiscal year ticks over) or that I had a conversation “last year”, which could be a mere two weeks ago in June. But this year feels as though there is no separation from last year and there’s no chance of that separation happening.

Sigh. Even though I’m not working full time, it’s these little changes that are exhausting. May next year be better than last or this.

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