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Zut correction automatique!!

A few summers ago, after working on a big weed, I texted my then-assistant. She is Québécois and I texted her en francais:

je suis fini

However, thanks to autocorrect, and a quick send, it came out as

je suis finite

(which, ok, kind of close).

A year or so later, we were talking about something we’d hoped would work and I texted


which cam out as



Last night, trying to arrange our family Zoom, I texted

Si, moi

to a time for our gathering. And my father responded

Moi, Aussie

Oooookay. Luckily my assistant and my family know what was meant.

However, it did get me thinking. What about all our international students? They may have the same problems communicating, trying to say something fast and simple to a teacher or friend and yet Our Friend Autocorrect can create confusion or unintentionally funny moments. It’s a good time to remember that when we get a message that’s just slightly… off.

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