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A short while ago I posted Ready? Set? and so now, clearly, it’s time for “go“!

“Go” started yesterday, the first day of classes (remote) for the Upper School. Our Middle and Lower Schools are still doing some orientation work, but those students are on campus, getting used to the new spaces and pathways and mask regulations.

In preparation for this, the library has been busy! While we don’t have a definite “yes” (or “no”) on a variation of curbside pick-up for our print resources, we’re upping our promotion of our SORA collection (and adding to it regularly!). Our new website is live, as is our digital portal and chat. I’m working on two new Resource Guides, one for Issues in Environmental Science and one for Math and Social Justice, as well as updating the Election 2020 guide. We’ve posted a welcome on Instagram:

(it’s probably just a coincidence that all three librarians are wearing grey and black… right?)

I’ve also signed up for some of the community building activities, since our students will be connecting beyond the classroom: creating escape rooms, leading a D&D quest, offering read alouds and trivia/quizzes. It’s a great way for students to get to know us beyond the space we call “home” and to build relationships with them while we’re all socially very distanced.

There are also projects for us to work on, like reviewing our YA series books (which are we missing? which are misidentified in the catalog or on their spines?) and reorganizing parts of the collection, and–of course not done last year–inventory. Much of that needs to be done in person, with the books, and in a way I’m glad the students won’t be back for a few weeks. When we do have students on campus, the library will house five math classrooms (some teachers are working in the building already) and some students will be assigned to seating in the library during their “free” periods. We librarians will probably not be in the building much at that point, and to be honest, I’ll miss seeing students in person. However, when ever they show up, it’ll be different than before: no one will be dropping in, chatting about books or their day, and we won’t be helping them find books or learn how to cite sources.

And now, back to work!

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