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Making a sub-Prime list

People who know me know I’m anti-Amazon. There are so many reasons, from the way they treat warehouse workers and drivers to killing off mom&pop and Main Street businesses to not paying local taxes. I understand the people who say “but the discount” — to which I say, “but your town and local employment!”

Anyway, the other day this tweet appeared in my timeline:

The holidays are coming up, right? Not to mention, since March I try to “support a local” once a week for dinner. This is going to be easy:

  1. While I’m a huge fan of Epices de cru in Montreal, that’s not going to be an easy shop just now. There is Penzeys, but there’s also Curio Spice Co.
  2. Need books? Local to me are Newtonville Books, Trident Books, Harvard Books and Porter Square Books. And if you don’t have a local bookstore, try to support one elsewhere.
  3. Nothing is better for reading that a nice cup of tea, and Mem Tea has a great selection.
  4. I won’t link to the local restaurants I’m supporting, but trust me when I say that none of them are chain restaurants.

I could go on, but those are the ones that I think you readers might use for inspiration. I have two local places to get pens and ink, one for great writing paper, a local bakery and a Greek supermarket, etc.. Think about what you purchase, and where you can do it locally. If you can’t go that local, find independent stores that will ship.

Even though yesterday and today were so-called Prime Days, isn’t it better to shop local? Especially now?

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