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Getting the news out

There’s that old adage, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Since we can’t effectively create displays for students or do in-person Readers Advisory, we’ve started an occasional newsletter. It’s promoting our services as well as other websites and resources that we think our readers will find helpful/useful/interesting.

This was what we started with:

But that template was just a little too difficult to edit easily. So now, they look like this:

We can make them shorter or longer, as needed, and the ability to embed links is great. This is today’s newsletter, which will get mailed at 2:00pm to our subscribers:

I’m not sure it looks exactly the way I’d like it to look, but we’re getting there. If you have a newsletter, what content do you include? How do you get more people to subscribe? How often do you send it out? We’re struggling with those questions.

And as for this squeaky wheel, well, we’ve been featured on the Milton website and Facebook page. That’s some nice oil for my staff!

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