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Finally, something normal

Last week I looked at this week’s forecast and saw snow was predicted. Fine… but it’s a week away. Over the next few days amounts of snow and arrival days kept changing: 5” Wednesday and 8” Thursday? no… 12” Wednesday and 3” Thursday? no… Tuesday it seemed to settle on 1-2” Wednesday night and 10+” Thursday.

We’d had snow in October and I’d emailed our Head of School and the MS and US Principals, reminding them that students needed a bit of normal right now, and could we (if appropriate) have a snow day. The answer came back with a resounding yes. Just because we can teach remotely doesn’t mean we should.

Clearly, this thinking isn’t limited to me, or my school’s leaders:

But still, you never know, right?

Then, at 3pm yesterday we got The Call (and text and email): NO SCHOOL THURSDAY. No remote classes, no office open. CLOSED. Of course I did my happy dance.

It was with great pleasure I posted this to our Instagram a day early:

It’s unlikely that I’ll update this blog until 2021 so, to all of you, here’s to a peaceful end to 2020 and better things for all in 2021.

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