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Rapid Response

Wednesday, after working on a semi-physically demanding project in the library I went home and took a nap. Then woke up to… well, we all know what was going on Wednesday afternoon. Scenes that reminded me of my vague memories of Chicago ’68, with the fear that the Rodney King riots spread (I was in New York City at the time) instilled, and the can’t-look-need-to-look feeling of September 11. All combined.

Texting with friends, one said she was reaching out to our Director of Equity and Inclusion about how we were going to help students just now, particularly since we were not having classes Thursday or Friday. This was the second heightened moment in less than a year for them, and we’re still mostly remote, which makes building a community response difficult. Of course I wanted to help. The request came through: could we curate resources?

That’s what librarians are built for, right? By noon yesterday we had this Resource Guide on Current Events and Policing ready, and of course we’re continuing to add to it. It’s a small thing, but it feels good to be able to contribute to the school’s response.

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