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Racing towards Research Season

While teachers have been reworking their classes, adjusting things for hybrid learning and multiple time zones, we’ve been working on getting our (digital and print) collection ready and preparing to work with students virtually on their upcoming research projects. We know that many of the teachers who do the February project are concerned because they haven’t done the all-online version, so we really wanted to make things easier both for them and for students.

We started to by creating tutorials (using Loom) for many of the Frequently Asked Questions, adding a guide to the library to our digital portal. Still, we felt something was missing. Then I read Meredith Farkas’ Making Customizable Interactive Tutorials with Google Forms and lightbulbs went off. Sharing this with my staff, we all oooh’d and ahhh’d and then tried to figure out what we could do with this idea.

As with most staff groups, we each have our strengths. Mine are (among other things) being the Boss, and organizing workflows. I created a spreadsheet that mimicked the Table of Contents here, adding in columns of our editing it to be more Milton specific, video creation and final upload. I also had a column for our assistant, who went through every page, looking for typos and inconsistencies and our corrections:

Tomorrow we begin working with students – I think we’re in pretty good shape, despite being only 75-80% done. I’m thrilled we’ll be able to share both our USHistory III resource guide, and the Brand New Library DIY resource guide.

More to come…

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