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Up from the ashes (part two)

Very Important Idea: 100% replacement value

Seriously, if you don’t have 100% replacement value as part of your insurance policy get it now. We have it and it’s going to help us with our rebuilding.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means that I have until I leave work tomorrow to re-create POs for all the new-but-now-lost items we got in over the summer, create POs for “core collections” for the MS/US library and figure out what supplies we’ll need to start over with in the MS/US library.

We will also need to create lists of what was lost, so that our insurance advocate (that’s not his real title, but you get the idea) can get us as much money as possible. That means thinking about all the little things we lost: paperclips, cups, bookends, posters, Greenwood bobbleheads (and I was soooo happy about adding Darwin to the collection!), hangers, file folders. It also means thinking about all the bigger things we lost, like bookcarts and computers and filing cabinets.

All-in-all, I’m going to be going list happy for a while. Lucky for MPOW I’m a list-a-holic.

4 thoughts on “Up from the ashes (part two)”

  1. I was just thinking that this would leave you in List-Heaven, and then you wrote that. At least you get to have some fun in the midst of this great loss!

  2. I just read! Holy cow. I am so sorry. It’s overwhelming. I can’t fathom the job ahead. Indeed, it is good you like lists. But ugh. I am so sorry.

  3. i’m imagining this threw your summer to-do list awry and made the “collapse” item move up a wee bit.Still, phoenix from ashes and all — maybe there is a silver lining in this somewhere.

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