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Happy New Year?

What does “new year” mean to you? And when is it?

Obviously, there’s the Big New Year when the calendar year flips over. And then there’s you’re birthday, a great time to start new thinking (or having an age-related crisis). There’s also the Jewish (or Chinese or Muslim) New Year, times of celebration and thinking about life.

For me, there’s one more: the end of one academic and fiscal year and the start of the next. As of 12:01am on July 1st, 2021, it’s AY/FY22. It also means that “last year” is June, something that confuses those not on the academic calendar. For students, all summer vacation is an interregnum between grades and doesn’t really count, with their New Year coming whenever they head back to school.

So Happy Belated New Year’s to everyone. May AY22 be far, far better than the past two years have been.

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