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Time Flies When You’re Not in Lockdown

Two people today mentioned how fast time seemed to be going: wasn’t it just yesterday school was starting for the year? how could it possibly be over an hour since the school day started? That’s not to say we’re not all excited and exhausted and ready for Winter Break, just that the time between the start of school and now seems to have collapsed.

It’s true, isn’t it? It feels like things are moving so much faster than they were last year, or the year before. I think it’s that we’re back, full-time, seeing students and colleagues and watching the class periods… days… weeks go by. Unlike last year, when we logged into our online chat for a sent number of hours, then waited for someone to need our help and did all kinds of project work with the collection and catalog. It’s the sense that life is moving again, or something close to moving again.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days I’d rather be back working from home. And I wouldn’t feel so exhausted every day (and no one will be happier when the mask mandate is lifted: playing mask police was not what I became a librarian to do!). But overall, having the rhythm of the school day/week/year to frame my life does make the time go faster. If only I could convince “them” to let me take a daily nap…

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