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Talk about timing

Yesterday was our last day of school for the calendar year (well, actually, last half day). Now I have just over two weeks to Get Things Done for the year-end, including some doctor visits and chores that didn’t get done over Thanksgiving Break. And read. Of course, reading.

For my own mental health, staying away from electronic devices for much of the Break is also in the plans. For some reason, people at work don’t seem to believe I can actually do that, much less not spend most of Break working rather than relaxing. So how perfect was it that my building’s power was turned off most of yesterday? There was some work being done to the solar panels on the roof, and we were told that there would be no electricity, including heat, from 10am to possibly as late as 6pm. The heat wasn’t needed, since it was 61 outside*, but the rest? As long as it was light out, I read… and then as it got dark starting around 4, I napped.

Talk about the perfect off-line start to my Break. Why am I blogging now? Because I had to log in to approve my assistant’s pay for the past two weeks. And now, I’m logging out until… sometime possibly in the next two weeks. Or a little later.

  • yes, 61F in New England in December. But in this country, Santa and the War on Christmas are real while climate change isn’t. Right?

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