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Got my big girl socks on (eye update)

My high school friend Ebit spent 30 years in an all-out battle with cancer, and one of her weapons was socks with messages inappropriate for the daughter of a minister.  A group of us celebrated her life with one pair each, then I sent a pair to everyone as an Ebit-approved Christmas present.  When another of us was diagnosed with breast cancer, socks were purchased and sent to her.

Well, two weeks ago, after a couple of months noticing something a little wrong with my vision, I learned that I wasn’t exactly having a relapse, my other, heretofore “good” optic nerve, was now slightly inflamed.  Aggressive treatment in the form of an IV steroid infusion was arranged, and later this month I learn what the next steps will be.

Did I say “next steps”?  Yes.  Steps.  Taken with Ebit’s example as a guiding light, fighting with everything I have to stave off the worst of CRION while wearing the best footwear possible.  Wish us luck.

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