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From the archives: Gratitude

Over the years I’ve seen many posts about gratitude and I’d saved this one from the AISL Blog to remind me to post my own. There was, around the same time, a post on an email list that was formatted differently and I thought I’d mimic that here. So without further ado, here are some (some! not all!) the people who, over the past 30ish years, have taught me valuable lessons as a person and as a professional:

Elaine Warner taught me how to librarian and gave me the confidence to go it alone as a solo librarian running a library.

Yapha Mason was my first librarian friend made outside the world of NYC schools and remains a friend to this day.

James Dawson gave me the administrative backing every librarian wants and has continued to support me.

Debbie Abilock thought I had something interesting to say and a space to say it publicly.

Sandra Latzer brought me in to the HVLA leadership and encouraged me to help the group grow.

Constance Vidor shared many afternoon teas with me, talking about all Things Librarian and Booky.

Alice Yucht helped me conquer those First Public Presentation fears and introduced me to people I would never have met had I stayed in my independent school bubble.

Doug Johnson made me feel like an equal, rather than the baby librarian I felt to his giant librarianship.

Sara Kelly Johns encouraged me to my inner editor grow and cheered as I expanded beyond print to KQWeb.

Wendy Stephens was an incredible as a member of the first AASL Blog crew.

Buffy Hamilton pushed my thinking about what and how we do things.

Linda Braun encouraged me to step outside school library groups and extend my learning to what public librarians were doing.

Jack Martin‘s faith in my ability to lead professional committees gave me the courage to say “yes”.

Angela Carstensen improved by book reviewing immeasurably, particularly adult books.

Marion Sader kept me sane at a time when that seemed unlikely, always providing a great sounding board as we rebuilt the Hackley School library and the collection.

Courtney Lewis provided a great example of how to lead with grace when others are pushing back.

LuLu Weathers was a great partner-in-librarianship, always eager to push things forward to make the library a better place for students and faculty and demonstrating how connecting beyond books and libraries was critical to student’s mental health.

And finally, honestly, the librarians I’ve worked with at Milton have been probably the best department I could have wished for. That doesn’t mean it’s always rosy, but particularly as my health seems to be iffy, knowing they’re there has been one weight I haven’t had to deal with.

Of course there are so many more: Roxanne Feldman and Deb Logan and Patti Aakre and Kathleen Ellis and Karyn Silverman and Mara Cota and Kellie Tilton and Sara Kelley Mudie and Stephen Matthews and Angie Manfredi and Ernie Cox and Allison Ernst and Liz Grey and… and… and… If I’ve met you and you work(ed) anywhere around books, school librarians or young adults/children in libraries, thank you. You in some way belong on this list.

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