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Minor Musings

Wow, it’s been a while since I did one of these.  As we move into the Winter Break season, here are some links to enjoy/bookmark/get inspiration from.

Books, Reading, etc.

School Life

  • We know Wikipedia isn’t all bad, and CrashCourse has a series showing how to use it effectively. There’s also Fake Believe Blog, all about disinformation.
  • Thinking about how to introduce the new students to the library and basic skills?  Nancy did a wonderful hybrid class and I’m plotting how to adapt it.

Tech Stuff

  • Internet Live Stats might be a good way to create datasets and draw conclusions based on real world news/events.
  • So many of my colleagues have exit polls for their assignments.  Here’s a great way to add them to a GoogleSlide lesson (thinking of doing this during Research Season)
  • It’s Milton’s 225th “birthday” and I’d love to do a digital history like this with our students.
  • Digitizing material isn’t as easy as you’d think.  Just look at NYPL’s workflow.
  • How have I lived without Folder Maker?
  • If you have a JSTOR subscription, their collection of maps of the US (housed at the University of Michigan) is wonderfully full of information and trivia about the states and the people.


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