The Struggle is Real

There was this great article in the Walrus about tote bags that got me thinking about the ones I’ve gotten from conferences. There are the ones I’ve gotten for attending (what I think of as the GWP) and the ones vendors have available (great for carrying books, but also promoting their products). I’ve also purchased a few when shopping and in need of something larger to carry items.

Every time I’ve moved I’ve tried to give away or donate many of the totes lying around. And yet… they’re somehow managing to procreate while tucked away into boxes and corners. Here’s what I have right now (I’ve been organizing my closets and workspaces):

Luckily, I’m not going to a conference for a while. What will the total look like after that?

3 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real”

  1. We had the great tote bag debate for Santa Fe. I love a good tote bag but not everyone agreed :). But we’ve gone for something a little different this year (will post as soon as we have finished pics!).

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