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Diverse Diversity @ #ALAN16

Diversity was a minor theme for the various professional development opportunities I had during the month or so before Winter Break.  I'm always mindful of the fact that "diversity" doesn't only mean "skin tone"; when I was co-chair of my school's accreditation self-study, we tried to think about all of NYSAIS' definition of diversity when… Continue reading Diverse Diversity @ #ALAN16

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Minor Musings

Still digitally decluttering... Books, Reading, etc. One challenge at MPOW is getting the middle school students into the library (time, distance, lack of discrete space are issues).  So we're thinking about the pop-up library. School Life Speed Friending in the Library?  Sounds like the perfect start-of-school activity! Hoping I can emulate Buffy's work with my… Continue reading Minor Musings

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Help Yourself – personalized learning at #alaac15

(another program that will be posted online - check here) Many schools and libraries are starting to embrace personalized learning, blended learning, the flipped classroom or whatever new buzzword appears.  At the Online School for Girls, they're talking about "competency-based instruction" that puts learners at the center, meeting their needs and goals (in other words,… Continue reading Help Yourself – personalized learning at #alaac15

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Big Data and danah boyd at #alaac15

danah boyd's research and work has been fascinating to follow - this was less "It's Complicated" and more "it's problematic" (if you're an ALA member, the presentation will probably be posted here). This marks a shift from watching how teens use social media towards the idea of big data (and metadata) as a whole; essentially,… Continue reading Big Data and danah boyd at #alaac15

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#YALSA and the badging program – #ALAMW14

Linda Braun made it clear - this is a work in progress: testers are needed.  Just go to So what do we need to know beyond that?  Badges are a serious learning process, more about the learning than about the badge.  These are tied in to YALSA's Core Competencies, with the idea that they… Continue reading #YALSA and the badging program – #ALAMW14