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Rethinking School

While students were wending their way back to school post-Thanksgiving Break, we faculty were doing "professional development", in this case, the first of three sessions with Charles Fadel. The big question posed for this particular session was "what is the implication of technology on already stressed minds?" particularly since our world is increasingly interdependent (and… Continue reading Rethinking School

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I’m looking through you… or maybe not

"Transparency" is one of those terms that's tossed around a whole lot these days, particularly when it comes to governance.  There's a lot to be said for it, and most of all when a governing body makes some sort of change.  As Karen says in her brilliant take on ALA's new Code of Conduct, some… Continue reading I’m looking through you… or maybe not

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Minor Musings

For those about to go on Break, some things to explore and/or ponder. Books, Reading, Etc.. Maybe some of Sarah's ideas will help create the culture of reading I'm hoping for! Breaking up (with books) is hard to do... Very glad I have a break, so I can seriously peruse these Best Of lists and… Continue reading Minor Musings

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Minor Musings

Books, Reading, Etc. More on E-Reading: A Midterm Progress Report  (I don't annotate, but I can see the appeal for many readers... and the loss.  What will we do when marginalia is completely lost? It's a great insight into the reader's mind.) Why social media isn't the magic bullet for self-epublished authors (and this article… Continue reading Minor Musings

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Nothing new under the sun

I'm sure everyone's been reading about the recent plagiarism issue over on Story Siren (thanks to Liz Burns for the great round-up).  My friend Chuck talks about the "kitchen sinking" that often happens when something like this occurs. It's beyond the question of citation, though.  There's the question of consequences. When I was at Hamilton… Continue reading Nothing new under the sun