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One person’s #TEDxNYED – Media

We started off with our first video TED Talk: Shereen El Feki.  Then it was back to the Live, In Person talks.  And first up, Jay Rosen. His theme was Citizen Journalism, and he spent a lot of his time taking us through the history of this. Rosen started by saying that he's a pragmatist,… Continue reading One person’s #TEDxNYED – Media

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One person’s #TEDxNYED – Openness

I think this topic flowed well from the first (Participation), but perhaps that had to do with the speakers in this grouping. It was at about the start of this session that I noticed that there were many people who, like me, were taking notes the old-fashioned way.  One fellow pen-and-paperer said that this forced… Continue reading One person’s #TEDxNYED – Openness

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One person’s #TEDxNYED – Participation

I don't claim to be an expert on ed tech, libraries, conferences or any of that - nor am I necessarily taking notes for anyone but me (and trust me, you couldn't read my notes if you tried!).  Having disclaimed all that, the following is my take on yesterday's TEDxNYED conference.  My advice to all… Continue reading One person’s #TEDxNYED – Participation

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How can I help?

Peter Godwin posted about the Researchers of Tomorrow (who use Google) and commented Far fewer respondents, however, have received any training in using more advanced technology‐based research resources and tools such as research methods,finding and using online datasets or working in virtualresearch environments... In a snapshot of information‐seeking and research activity, the majority of doctoral… Continue reading How can I help?

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Not the battle we need to fight

Several people pointed out this article in the NYTimes. In it, the "new, experimental" method of allowing student to choose their own books is highlighted. Nothing new there, and the comment that "Letting students choose their own books, they say, can help to build a lifelong love of reading" should inspire a huge DUH in… Continue reading Not the battle we need to fight

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NECC09 Roundup (part one)

I've already blogged about the Opening Session, and those that follow me on Twitter know how excited I was by the PowerPoint presenters. Despite that, I went into each session hoping for the best and expecting to learn from the presenters. Enable Reading with 21st Century Skills The skills mentioned were nothing new: digital reading… Continue reading NECC09 Roundup (part one)

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What’s it all for?

When danah boyd asked her tweeps to submit questions for a conversation she was having with teens, I asked Do they really care about/use school library websites? Twitter? Pageflakes? Libguides? or only if teacher insists?. The response? Nope, they don't. All but Twitter are categorized as school tools and are only used when absolutely necessary… Continue reading What’s it all for?