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NECC09 Roundup (part one)

I've already blogged about the Opening Session, and those that follow me on Twitter know how excited I was by the PowerPoint presenters. Despite that, I went into each session hoping for the best and expecting to learn from the presenters. Enable Reading with 21st Century Skills The skills mentioned were nothing new: digital reading… Continue reading NECC09 Roundup (part one)

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What’s it all for?

When danah boyd asked her tweeps to submit questions for a conversation she was having with teens, I asked Do they really care about/use school library websites? Twitter? Pageflakes? Libguides? or only if teacher insists?. The response? Nope, they don't. All but Twitter are categorized as school tools and are only used when absolutely necessary… Continue reading What’s it all for?

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The view from the Summit

I've had some time to digest and rest after the SLJ Summit last weekend. The theme is Remixing Library Collections for Digital Youth (aka "the School Library in 2013"). So, in short bites, here's what I heard/learned/pondered. Pre-Summit: I'm reading Britannica Blog's posts about Classrooms 2.0. One post suggests that all this collaborative learning that… Continue reading The view from the Summit

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Valuing my independence

Along with some of the changes we've made over the summer, we're creating a new K-9 skills curriculum. For grades 5-9, these skills will be intertwined with their classes (in fact, the new 9th grade history curriculum deliberately includes projects designed to train the students in doing research and will bring the classes to the… Continue reading Valuing my independence

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A new mantra

When you're in library school, you're taught Ranganathan's Laws and you're taught about the ALA's Library Bill of Rights. These are supposed to guide your decisions and actions as a librarian, no matter why type of library you're in. There's one thing "they" leave off, and it's equally, if not more, important than those two… Continue reading A new mantra