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More Election Prep

And here are the non-AASL members of YALSA and ALSC running for ALA Council.  Again, no specific endorsements, just the general one that having school and childrens/young adult librarians on Council is important.  Many candidates are members of all three divisions, which is great for our potential voice in Council. Keturah Cappadonia, Outreach Consultant, Southern… Continue reading More Election Prep

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The next level up: #ACRLNEC17

Working in an independent school, particularly one usually considered an "elite college preparatory" school means extra pressure to be aware of what my students will be expected to do and know in their next educational institution. It makes sense to spend the day at the ACRLNEC conference because many of the colleges and universities represented… Continue reading The next level up: #ACRLNEC17

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Why is AASL going back to a middle school mindset?

Ok, to be fair, it might have been a high school mindset when the Social Media Recognition Task Force came up with the Social Media Superstar program. When I started seeing tweets and comments about it my first thoughts were that it was interesting that AASL, which has (IMVHO) spectacularly failed to use social media… Continue reading Why is AASL going back to a middle school mindset?

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What’s missing in this job description?

NAIS has a very little-used elist for librarians (I guess we prefer AISL's list, or local lists, or something run by ALA?).  Last week they asked for librarian's help creating the perfect Director of Libraries job description, I'm guessing to go along with their Guidelines of Professional Practice for librarians. Leaving aside the problematic use… Continue reading What’s missing in this job description?