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Prurient interest alert!

I loved this tweet by Charlie Sykes: https://twitter.com/SykesCharlie/status/1639271018358362113 Oy. Now we're going after artworks? Have we also considered banning discussion of that other Renaissance painter, the one with the name no 7th grade boy can pronounce without giggling (aka Titian)? And what about the authors Dickens and Dickenson? Will AP Art History be cancelled because… Continue reading Prurient interest alert!

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I feel so old

https://twitter.com/adrisheares/status/1557885461154111490?s=11&t=C3_I1GsVaBsvx3wFpJLvYQ Wow. When I started research, my "search engine" was the card catalog, and sometimes (for deep searching) the <i>Reader's Guide</i>. Remember those? Good times. This isn't an attempt to paraphrase Sondheim, but I've been through CompuServe, AOL, AskJeeves, AltaVista, Infoseek (via Netscape Navigator)... and I'm still here. I currently use Duck Duck Go, but… Continue reading I feel so old