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I’m old (but you already know that)

Last year I saw and bookmarked this tweet: As I've moved from residence to residence, my workspace has changed from a desk... to a desk that could hold a desktop computer... to now, when I actually need very little space for my actual work stuff but am thinking about/designing for my notecards, pens and… Continue reading I’m old (but you already know that)

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I feel so old Wow. When I started research, my "search engine" was the card catalog, and sometimes (for deep searching) the <i>Reader's Guide</i>. Remember those? Good times. This isn't an attempt to paraphrase Sondheim, but I've been through CompuServe, AOL, AskJeeves, AltaVista, Infoseek (via Netscape Navigator)... and I'm still here. I currently use Duck Duck Go, but… Continue reading I feel so old

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Racing towards Research Season

While teachers have been reworking their classes, adjusting things for hybrid learning and multiple time zones, we've been working on getting our (digital and print) collection ready and preparing to work with students virtually on their upcoming research projects. We know that many of the teachers who do the February project are concerned because they… Continue reading Racing towards Research Season