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Behind the Locked Door, part three – #ALA12 and beyond

When you're on a "locked door" committee, you don't get a lot of time to experience an ALA conference. Why? Because from 1:30-5:30 on Saturday and Sunday you're in your locked room, with your committee, talking about the nominated books. That's if you're lucky! Some committees meet all day. Prior to the conference, we read… Continue reading Behind the Locked Door, part three – #ALA12 and beyond

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Thoughts from #ALA12 – learning sessions

With all my meetings, the time that I had to take advantage of the learning opportunities was slim.  That didn't mean that I didn't try my best to take advantage of what was there, though. First, of course, was the session I did with the wonderful Ellysa Cahoy.  We explored "Online Personal Archiving", talking about… Continue reading Thoughts from #ALA12 – learning sessions

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Thoughts from #ALA12 – working sessions

Many people assume that when you say "I'm going to Anaheim" what you mean is "I'm going to Disneyland".  And many people assume that when you say that you're going to a conference, you're going to a wild convention that should stay in Vegas.   For some librarianspeople, that's true. Not for me: I haven't been… Continue reading Thoughts from #ALA12 – working sessions