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One person’s #TEDxNYED – Networks and Action

Networks - a good thing, right?  We talk about our Personal Learning Network, our network of friends and family.  So what could the speakers at TEDxNYED say about networks? First came our second TED Talk, from Chris Abani.  You must watch the video.  I'll wait Back?  Ok, wasn't that amazing?  I'd love to have heard… Continue reading One person’s #TEDxNYED – Networks and Action

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One person’s #TEDxNYED – Media

We started off with our first video TED Talk: Shereen El Feki.  Then it was back to the Live, In Person talks.  And first up, Jay Rosen. His theme was Citizen Journalism, and he spent a lot of his time taking us through the history of this. Rosen started by saying that he's a pragmatist,… Continue reading One person’s #TEDxNYED – Media

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One person’s #TEDxNYED – Openness

I think this topic flowed well from the first (Participation), but perhaps that had to do with the speakers in this grouping. It was at about the start of this session that I noticed that there were many people who, like me, were taking notes the old-fashioned way.  One fellow pen-and-paperer said that this forced… Continue reading One person’s #TEDxNYED – Openness

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One person’s #TEDxNYED – Participation

I don't claim to be an expert on ed tech, libraries, conferences or any of that - nor am I necessarily taking notes for anyone but me (and trust me, you couldn't read my notes if you tried!).  Having disclaimed all that, the following is my take on yesterday's TEDxNYED conference.  My advice to all… Continue reading One person’s #TEDxNYED – Participation

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Quick thoughts from #TEDxNYED

It was a lonnng day, it really was.  Long and exciting and frustrating all at the same time. Exciting because I heard some of the most inspiring passionate people (and not all were presenters: the between-time conversations were the froth on the latte).  Exciting because I wonder if this structure could be translated to other… Continue reading Quick thoughts from #TEDxNYED