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Fourth time’s the charm!

I've been at Milton for seven years, and in that time I've overseen a real revamp of the collection. b: serious weeding of old, outdated, caterpillar infested, falling apart books. It looked a little like this: Years Two - Four: Second and Third passes through the collection, cleaning the "junk drawer" and moving books into… Continue reading Fourth time’s the charm!

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You say “slim”, I say “skeletal”

No, I'm not body shaming. I'm publisher shaming. We're busily looking at the collection now that we've moved things into place. This requires asking the question "how many books on [topic] do we need?" and "if we have that many books, shouldn't some of them be more up-to-date?" It's also an opportunity to see where… Continue reading You say “slim”, I say “skeletal”

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Keeping busy, part III

Honestly, dealing with the call numbers is so much easier than dealing with subject headings! As we know, some have become controversial. Others, well, let's face it: these mostly date back to the days of the card catalog and use language that doesn't reflect how students think about things. We've been working on this project… Continue reading Keeping busy, part III

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Getting a little giddy

In March, just after we closed due to COVID, the library's focus was on supporting our history classes doing research (around 600 students, all researching away... just a little crazy, right?). So we added EBSCO's Academic and High School ebooks collection, entering 3500+ MARC records into our catalog while encouraging students to search the whole… Continue reading Getting a little giddy

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The past five years in 21 slides

Ok, maybe not everything that's happened in the past five years, but this is a short distillation of the Really Big Project we've been working on in the library. One of the other librarians and I presented this today at the NELA 2020 conference. There's so much more I could say about the nitty-gritty but… Continue reading The past five years in 21 slides

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Cataloging is FUNdamental Seriously?  How is ALA not requiring this? When I went for my MLS there were four required classes at the Palmer School and (you guessed it) cataloging was one of them.  My professor was the man who literally wrote the chapter of AACR2R on music cataloging, but friends who had other professors learned just… Continue reading Cataloging is FUNdamental