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Prurient interest alert!

I loved this tweet by Charlie Sykes: https://twitter.com/SykesCharlie/status/1639271018358362113 Oy. Now we're going after artworks? Have we also considered banning discussion of that other Renaissance painter, the one with the name no 7th grade boy can pronounce without giggling (aka Titian)? And what about the authors Dickens and Dickenson? Will AP Art History be cancelled because… Continue reading Prurient interest alert!

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They’re kidding, right?

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the increase in book banning, often on the flimsiest of grounds. This tweet sums up the "WTF"ery of the supposed reasons: https://twitter.com/notthecarkia/status/1628810855209992195?s=43&t=BdVptMNhhFbvbKQjX770nA If you look at the reason for the responses to that tweet, it's what one of the Moms for Liberty says (on it's surface it's… Continue reading They’re kidding, right?

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Cataloging is FUNdamental

https://twitter.com/adr/status/1220894739110801408 Seriously?  How is ALA not requiring this? When I went for my MLS there were four required classes at the Palmer School and (you guessed it) cataloging was one of them.  My professor was the man who literally wrote the chapter of AACR2R on music cataloging, but friends who had other professors learned just… Continue reading Cataloging is FUNdamental

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What really matters when reading

I've written before about why there's a problem with reading levels and lexiles.  We all know, sadly, that they're still a thing, despite authors and librarians pleas: https://twitter.com/kelleemoye/status/1199388647470043145 I've read so many books that are published with a recommended age, or grade, and I know that those are more a marketing thing from publishers and… Continue reading What really matters when reading