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(from the archives) Another “what summer break?” post

I've posted about all the things I've got planned for the summer break before. This isn't that post. This is to point people towards this article, Not Summer Break. The author is talking about how there's the myth of the summer break in education, how many (most) teachers spend their time revisiting their classes and… Continue reading (from the archives) Another “what summer break?” post

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I’m old (but you already know that)

Last year I saw and bookmarked this tweet: As I've moved from residence to residence, my workspace has changed from a desk... to a desk that could hold a desktop computer... to now, when I actually need very little space for my actual work stuff but am thinking about/designing for my notecards, pens and… Continue reading I’m old (but you already know that)

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October, a month of challenges

Maybe it’s just at Milton, but October is one of those months that starts… and stops… and starts again. Weekly. Between the Jewish High Holidays, a Wednesday for PSATs/Community Engagement/college stuff, Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day, and Upper School Family Weekend/Diwali, we haven’t had a complete week. And next week, with a late start for professional development… Continue reading October, a month of challenges