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Minor Musings

It’s been well over a year since my last one of these. Let’s see what I’ve found since then.  For many schools in the Northeast, there’s the approaching Spring Break in which to explore.  And yes, there’s more to follow.

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Student Centered

  • My seniors are learning where they’re going to be next year, and Stephen Bell has a list of the things they’ll need from their next librarians.  How can we help them bridge that gap?
  • Along with that, we need to remember that school libraries are continuing to evolve.
  • For far too many students, studying history is just another box to tick for graduation.  This History 101 class (and rationale) is something every history department should read about.
  • This walkabout is something I’d love to try during orientation/the opening of school (for faculty and students!)
  • IMVHO, ninth graders should do a serious annotated bibliography instead of a research paper.


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