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The students are here! The students are here!

Of course we’re excited to see the new students (and by “new” I mean anyone in the Class of 2023, Class of 2024 and Class of 2025, since we’ve barely got to know 2023 and have never met the other two classes). The same applies to all the new faculty. But…

Over the summer, the library building was under construction. And, unsurprisingly, it hasn’t quite finished. The first floor still has tons of equipment and supplies. We don’t even have a certificate of occupancy yet. Also unsurprisingly, our elevator (50 years old, so…) broke again. The construction also meant that all the networking cables were disconnected.

On the plus side, the changes mean we’re that much closer to starting work on the new library space. And classes don’t start until the 13th, which gives us next week to get the books shelved and displayed… the copiers can be installed… rugs can be shampooed… the network can be hooked up… and we can open and finally see people in person.

Anyone else finding it difficult to go from constant WFH to being with people? It’s exhausting, isn’t it? So glad we will have had two weeks before students come in to start getting ready.

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