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At the halfway point

It’s been over one month since we “came back” from Spring Break and started classes online.  Milton chose to ramp up slowly: the first day of class was April 1, with a first assignment due no earlier than April 6.  Then we added in office hours.  Then one synchronous meeting per week.  When you have (as one colleague does) students in Asia and Africa and America, finding common time is… difficult.

That common time is why we have the library’s digital portal open from 5:30am – 9:00pm ET.  It’s why the National Library Week quizzes were not judged on a “first correct answer” basis but “one of the top ten highest will be randomly chosen” basis.  Having said that, those problems only really exist in our upper school; our middle and lower school are all day students, so more synchronous activities can happen.  There is a Wednesday Book Chat, several fitness opportunities, American Sign Language classes, plus advisory, assembly and other gatherings.

For those of us who work in the library, it’s been a great time to work on some of those projects where having concentrated time is great, like cleaning up MARC records or adding 655 tags for genres and affinity groups.  We’re still working on standardizing subject headings and reassigning DDC numbers for some sections.  It’s also been a good time to up our game on social media and student outreach.

And in six weeks, it’ll all be over for this academic year.

Unsurprisingly, what happens next weighs heavily on my mind.  Stay tuned for what we’re thinking and planning, as best as we can.

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