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All I want for Christmas

No, not my two front teeth but Sugar Daddy Press in print and digital.

I know Rosen bought Jackdaws, but I haven’t seen anything more. Talk about a great primary source database for middle school! In my imagination, it would be easier to navigate than Library of Congress or Smithsonian Primary Sources.

But more than just that, what if someone took the TimeLife books and digitized them? Made them a database? Yes, it’d have way more than my students would ever need on every battle in the Civil, Revolutionary or World Wars, but it’d also have those great World of [Artist] books, Lost Civilizations and Century books.

There are great nonfiction series that have background information for primary school students. Where are the series for upper school students? or even upper middle school students. Anyone in grades 8-12 is out of luck. The amount of time we give our students to do research keeps shrinking, while the number (and types) of resources keeps growing and books like these would help them get a quick introduction or provide a deeper dive into one aspect of a topic are increasingly necessary.

All I want is my sugar daddy and then look out world, Sugar Daddy Press will be a reality.

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