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Smack this

For the past few conferences, Wendy and Joyce have helmed the Tool Smackdown. Now Diane has asked for a new name, and I have to admit I agree. “Smackdown” sounds a bit like my Animoto can beat up your Wordle, doesn’t it?

If you want a “sexy” name, what about Speed Dating?

I’ve never attended because the format doesn’t excite me. What would? A “smackdown” followed by a boot camp: demo the tool, then set up a place for me (and other geek wannabes) to play and learn. There are too many of us that are interested, but timid. Having others forging the same path at the same time, with experts there to help and advise would just totally rock my conference socks off. While we’re at it, let’s recruit “smackers” that aren’t the Big Names.

(thinking like one of the masses here) I do love Joyce, and Wendy, and Buffy but I think they’re intimidating! My meager efforts in the world of LibGuides can’t possibly compare to what Buffy’s doing. But hey – there’s [minor name] and I can copy what she’s doing. And here’s Buffy, hanging out and dispensing tips. how cool is this?? Now I can go back to work with something to share, because I’ve done it and seen what others can and are doing.

So that’s my suggestion: call it Speed Dating, and then create a space for the tadpoles to swim with the fishesfrogs (can’t mix metaphors, right?). I, for one, will be the first in, and the last to leave, that event!

1 thought on “Smack this”

  1. How about calling it a Tech Playground? That has less sense-of-urgency than speed-dating, yet implies that there is/could be fun involved.

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